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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

 I got my bag today woo!!!
I got a fabulous. @acureorganics cell stimulating mask. I already have it and it is so awesome! You turn into Swamp Thing for about 15 minutes and then voila! Glowy goodness.

@elizabethmott Thank me later Eye Primer. It goes on slightly pink and takes a bit to tacky up. Not sure about the wear time but it doesn't interfere with shadow color.

@kloraneusa Floral makeup remover. It's not irritating, yet and smells like the floral toners I get from etude house.

@modelco_cosmetics Gorgeous nude lipliner. It's the Illusion Lip liner. Not sure how to sharpen it. The tip broke off and it's plastic. and the lower swatch of nude on my pic.

@ilovepacifica Power of Love 100% Vegan Natural Lipstick in Tender Heart (top nude swatch in pic)

Annnnnnd I got the most beautiful eyeshadow palette from @emcosmetics in Bali Bronze which is perfection for me. Most of the shades were on point with my tarte, urban decay and wet n wild (my holy trinity of shadows) shades. Shades 3 and 4 were the only ones that did not apply like buttery smoothness. But all palettes have one or two hinkey colors.

Verdict: I am pleased

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

I am seeing a big NOPE in off the cuff skin care from sales representatives. It pains me when they suggest using a physical or chemical exfoliating products more than 3 times a week. You have to let the skin heal before you can take more of the top layer of dead cells off. I am seeing a lot of people who are suffering from chemical and irritant dermatitis from over exfoliation and thinking it's an acne break out.MEEP! 

Your skin needs nourishment, not just stripping all the oils away and calling it a day. It also needs moisture added after cleansing. Yes, even if you have oily or combination skin.  I use a gel moisturizer and/or a hyaluronic serum when my skin is being temperamental like that, especially in the summer.
But the summer has past and we are inside with the central heating on and my skin is complaining that's dehydrated. It feels tight on my face and I am getting chapped lips. I am upping my water intake and going into skin care offensive. I brought out the 1-2-3-4 punch! 

Tonight I am wearing a Freeman Mask in Honey-Dew and Chamomile. It's a sleeping mask (worn overnight) and my dehydrated skin has already soaked up quite a bit of it!

Facial Cleansing Routine for 12/17
Sei Bella Moisturing Foaming cleanser

Boots Botanics Brightening Toner (the AHA makes it exfoliant!)

Timeless Hyaluronic Acid 

Sei Bella DayTime Delivery Lotion (Broad spectrum SPH 15)

tarte Maracuja C- Brightener Eye treatment 

And the aforementioned mask

My skin feels better already!
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Thursday, December 3, 2015

One of these faces is not like the others. One of these faces doesn't belong. I was trying to make a collage to show some of my makeup looks, but accidentally snapped my true face. This one on the lower left was an accidental shot. Those of us with chronic illness get used to faking the smiles, hiding the pain. But sometimes it shows through. This was real, so here,#invisibleillness #chronicillness #chronicpain
The blushes I was raving on are Milani Baked Blushes and 2 tarte palettes (Poppy Picnic, Showstopper)
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Instead of doing all the work of depotting my palettes to put them in z palette just so I can decide on colors, I literally copied them on sticker paper, trimmed it and applied it to the backs of them. Way easier than melting and burning and magnetically sticking them to metal and stuff.  My son was freaking out that all my makeup palettes were open on my bed and was afraid to touch them. So, I did well. :)
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So underestimating palettes is a mistake. This is a Claire's palette from eons ago. The primer is Jessie's girl, a very inexpensive primer. I'd originally used Urban Decay primer but that seemed to muddy the color a bit. I forgot to photo it. This is a $7USD dollar palette. Vibrant and full, as much as the a far more expensive artist palette (Greater than $100USD) that I swatched at Sephora a while back. Do not judge a makeup by it's packaging. Go by quality, not price tag and don't be afraid to experiment!
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Look of the day from August

On eyes Summer breeze,barefoot in the grass, sweet tea, peach poppy, ice cream cone and picnic basket from tarte's Poppy Picnic LE Summer collection palette.‬ Best warm, nude, matte palette ever.

Base: on eyes, primer is Elf glitter primer and Rimmel‬ Scandaleyes in witness white,
Face primer is Etude House Baby Choux in Mint, mixed with ‪Palladio primer,
Correcter is ELF HD lifting concealer in brighten, concealer is ‪Milani‬ HD in 01,
Foundation is ‪‎L'Oreal Magic Nude Skin in 310 Light Ivory,

On cheeks, Glisten from the Poppy Picnic palette.

Mascara:, Revlon bold lacquer in blackest black, Essence Volumizing Lash Powder underneath.
Liner : ELF mineral liner in black

Brows: So Susan dual shade powder, Pencil The BrowGal by Tonya Crooks 04,

Lips: Urbandecay 24/7 glide on lip pencil in ozone, filled in with NARS Mauve satin lip pencil, MeNow no.18 long lasting matte lipcolor
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This is me, my eldest daughter and my granddaughter out on vacation about a month past. We had a great time swimming and partying for my youngest daughter's 10th grade birthday party. No one ever believes me when I say that I am a Mimi! I believe in the power of sph and moisturizer!
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