Saturday, January 24, 2015

Makeup brush recommendations, in a quickly thrown together format.

Brush companies mentioned:
and not shown but I like is

When starting in makeup I suggest 5 basic brushes to get you going on this awesome vanity filled adventure!

First off is your Eyeliner Brush. Now most people stick with pencils but nothing can top a bit of drama with a flat definer brush pushing a bit of a dark color into the lash line.  It's a look that can still be wearable by day but with that pop of "Wow, you look great today!" ishness. I also like to use flat definer brushes to smudge out liner that is too harsh for a more demure effect!

Second is your powder application brush for eyes.Some brushes that I suggest are the flat shader from Sigma, the Up & Up Smudge brush from Target or any other brush that has a flat stiff brush that can pack color on. Dense bristles will pick up more of the product and patting it will lay that color on exactly where you want it to go.

Third, you need a blending brush. Never forget blending unless you are going for a cut crease, and if you are doing that... you don't need this Brush Primer (psst and email me because I never get it right!). Select a brush with fluffier bristles to impart a more diffused look with your shadows. I use a pointed blending brush for my deep set eyes, but most people can get away with a wider and thicker dome shaped head. If the head is a bit flatter but still fluffy, you can apply shadow and it will look a lot more diffused that if you would have used an application brush. ly?, You need a blush brush. I recommend a fluffy blush brush with a dome for people who are doing their makeup and aren't too experienced with them. It leaves a diffused finish and is great for the apples of your cheeks. Real Techniques makes an amazing couple of blush brushes and the price point is great. Sigma is pretty fantastic, too, if you prefer natural bristles but that's a personal choice.

and Fif...fth..screw it, and number 5, I recommend a big fluffity powder brush and powder puff for application of a setting powder. You apply the setting powder with a puff and then dust off the excess. I really love the Sigma line and the Real Techniques lines, again for those.

Cleanup, currently is Isopropol Alcohol 91% and a mesh puff to knock off the color, and then a conditioning spray for my natural brushes. I get mine from The Honest Company. When I wash them with shampoo, I use The Honest Company Shampoo and Body Wash. It's cleansing without being overly drying. The alcohol already dries them out enough!

There are more advanced brushes, if you want to know more about those, but I don't want to overwhelm anyone! Basically if you get 5 brushes, you will be golden, and can only go more expert from there.

If you are getting brushes, CONGRATULATIONS! I am so proud of you! This is a huge step! Great job! And thanks for sticking with me!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Beauty Bundle from E.L.F January 2014

I got my Beauty Bundle from E.L.F and holy crap am I amazed at all the things I received! It is a complete load of awesome.
Whole Lot of ELF love that I am feeling

I got 
1 Zit Zapper ($1)
1 Pout Perfector ($3)
1 Contour Studio brush ($3)
1 Pressed Mineral Blush in Wanderlust ($5)
1 Matte Lip Color in Natural (this is a duplicate what I already own but it's a gorgeous color) ($3)
1 White Eye Widener Pencil ($1)
1 Mineral Lip tint in Rose ($3) (god, totally amazing to wear. It's like a luscious butter on your lips)
1 Mineral Eyeliner in Black ($3)
1 Nude Nail Polish ($2)
1 Mineral Eye Brightener in Buff ($3)
1 Retractable Kabuki Brush (This is so soft, it's amazing) (not available for individual sale but I estimate it's roughly worth $6
And the pièce_de_résistance.... 1 Brush Apron! ($15)

I am completely shocked at how it fit ALL of my brushes. Also kinda freaked me out that i have 56 brushes and yet I am still compelled to buy more. It could fit my 4 travel brushes without even breaking a sweat.

So I got $48 USD worth of E.L.F products for $19.95 plus shipping. Most were of the higher end lines like the Studio line and the Mineral line and I would have purchased ALL of these and do not mind getting backups of what I already had. I am hooked on this plan and it's not every month, it's every other month and that's a bummer, but I'll live through it. ;)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

About Clothing- Gywnnie Bee

So I am trying out a new subscription service called Gwynnie Bee and it's for women sizes 10 and up. I just barely match the minimum requirements. Never have I been so happy for my gabapentin and provera weight gain! *laugh*

The first month is free, and you add clothes to your closet, and they send you out one outfit at a time.

It would be unfair of me to withhold something so awesome from you guys and *hint* I am thinking about another clothing subscription service as well.

Here's the LINK and have fun picking out your outfits to wear that are chic and flattering!

With designers like Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, and amazing shops like Three Dots, DKNY and ABS, beautiful clothes are all over the place. It's amazing. I am adding some knit dresses and some tunics to my closet.

What clothes would you add to your Gwynnie Bee Closet?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

DIY Cardboard Folding tool.

It's really hard for me to fold clothes quickly without running out of energy. So I made my own tool folder and the kids love using to do their part in helping the household.

Wow, okay. It's far harder to type out, but essentially it is 6 rectangles of cardboard cut to 9"x12". Label each rectangle 1 to 6. Placing them short edge top and long edge side in grid of 3 columns and 2 rows.

Rectangle 1 is in the upper left, rectangle 2 is in the upper middle, rectangle 3 is on the upper right.
Rectangle 4 is in the lower left, rectangle 5 is in the lower middle, rectangle 5 is on the lower right.

Rectangle 1's right long edge is taped to rectangle 2's long left edge.
Rectangle 2's right long edge is taped to rectangle 3's long left edge

Rectangle 1's lower short edge is taped to rectangle 4's upper short edge.
Rectangle 2's lower short edge is taped to rectangle 5's upper short edge
Rectangle 3's lower short edge is taped to rectangle 6's upper short edge

Rectangle 4, 5 and 6 are NOT taped to each other at all.

Place your shirt on the middle of the grid with the collar at the top in Rectangle 2. Adjust your shirt so you fold in the outer parts of the shirts to fit inside the grid. Fold Combo 1 and 3, then Fold in combo 3/6 and fold up 4.

Voila! Perfectly folded shirt.

If my instructions aren't clear, just let me know in the comments! <3 <3

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lemon Poppy Massage Bar Soaps! Nom Nom NOM!

#darbysmart #DIY Lemon Poppy Massage Bar Soaps. Totally amazing smelling. Totally in love!

I am a member of the ToDIYfor monthly box from Darby Smart and every month I get an interesting craft project that I can do. It comes with everything I need to do one project with easy to follow instructions. I am also a member of Darby Girl, which is a bimonthy project with a more youthful edge focusing more on things like accessories.

I love that they are so simple and I now own a soap mold for Melt and pour soaps and have lemon fragrance and the know how to make more! I love this so hard.

You can join too, if you think this is your bag (got a bag project that I can work on too!) just click on this link , Darby Smart delivers simple, stylish DIY to your door. Use 'howdydarby' for a $10 gift card on your first order, as well! <3

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A tough topic, Suicide Prevention

This wasn't an easy video to make. It's very personal and very intense but we want to share this with you.

Need help, right now? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or call 911 in the US.

Outside the US , visit IASP or