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Monday, August 17, 2015

I got a sample of Tony Moly's Tomatox Brightening Massage Mask and I have to tell you, I wish I had a time machine to go back and stop myself from using this mask.

When I put it on my face, I was instantly hit with the smell of permanent waves (big thing is the 80s and early 90s) and my skin started to burn as soon as I had applied it to my skin. I rinsed it off IMMEDIATELY. But it has left me with a rash, and a flare up. My skin was in pretty good condition this morning, and now it's all red and angry. The skin on my chin has a half dollar sized raised red welt. I think I am going to have to use hydrocortisone to soothe it. Maybe that's why they call it Tomatox. Your skin turns the color of tomatoes. *grr*

DO NOT USE if you have rosacea, acne prone skin, sensitive skin, or eczema. I am still debating whether to post an image or not. *frowns* Brighten skin, Korean style?  nope, nope, nope, nope, nope...
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The cover for my cleaning binder is translucent and the writing on the first checklist was showing through. I needed something that was in the same color scheme that wouldn't make me crazy.

So I made this. It's letter sized and I printed it out on cardstock.

Printable Chevron Turquoise and chocolate Cleaning Binder Cover Page

Enjoy! Are there any other printables you'd like to see?
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

So I got this crazy idea after sorting through my brush drawers for the umpteenth billionth time, that I ought to swatch or some how mark my blushes so I could know the finish, the color without having to open them all and taking up precious time. I get pretty tired sorting my makeup and sitting in the chair, so I decided to just sort them once and for all.

I sorted by color, first. Light/Brightest to darkest. I then grouped similar colors together. I swatched them on watercolor I managed to scavenge from my youngest daughter. The paper worked wonderfully, I was able to use my fingers to basically smudge the blush onto the paper and have it 'grab' the pigment and shimmer and/or glitter.

I discovered that I have far more coral blushes than anything else, and being a neutral/warm leaning person, that works out well for me. I discovered a few shades that I am particularly fond of and I discovered a few finishes I really enjoy and a couple that I wasn't a fan of.

Here's what the drawer looks like now. All of them are marked with a light pencil or eraseable frixxon pen so it's not overly evident from a distance. I lost count at 120 blushes. I think I might just be a bit of a blush hoarder...
Blush drawer of doom
I just realized that I haven't swatched my 'complete palette' blush like my Tarte Showstopper and I think I have a few more that I will get to later. I am seriously contemplating organizing my eyeshadows in a similar fashion, but I may go mad doing it! (grins)

What do you think about swatching blushes? Is it completely anal? Overly OCD?
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