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Monday, October 17, 2016

So, I have been wanting to get re color matched at Sephora. It's good to get it done about once a season. This month, I was matched to 2Y02. It's not too yellow, it's a cooler color than I normally get, but that's alright. And the color match was fantastic. Hourglass seamless stick foundation in Alabaster. I looked flawless. For all of 3 hours.  And then it melted. Off my face. I refuse to even post a picture because I feel like maybe it's not meant for temperamental skin like mine.

Back to the matching board.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

To oh so many bloggers that were born in the 90s. That thing that you are doing with the contouring and smoky eyes,and cateye liner is NOT Grunge. Grunge is not immaculate, and that lipstick painstakingly placed? It's not grunge because it's purple. We rarely had purple, we had matte rum raisin. It's purple after it's withered away, like our hopes for a future. Also, you aren't wearing enough Doc Martins. Powder the shit out of your face, pluck your brows into oblivion, and wear your black liner on the waterline.
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Sunday, July 17, 2016

This whole story in pictures for TL;DR

So, Thursday, Target. My wonderful husband who loves me, and cares for me, after being stuck looking at different black boxed hair colors with me for what seemed like an eternity to him asked me, if I could have any color in the world, what would that be? I looked, and there was a pastel lavender. In the back of my mind, I knew I wasn't going to be able to lift my level 2 hair to a level 10 but he believes in me and that's sorta of important.


And so with bravery mode switched on, and trying to rock my radical self-expression (which is one thing I struggle with at Burns), I grabbed the required 2 boxes of Feria dye that was supposed to make this possible. The Féria® Absolute Platinums Hair Color, Extreme Platinum and Féria® Smokey Pastels Hair Coloring Cream, and it was going to be 14 days of being my best self and sacrificing for beautiful smokey lavender color.

Just for reference, my hair color, that day at Taco Bell

Before. Resting bitch face.
I opened the bleaching kit and it had a packet of bleaching powder and then a toner color in the formula, so I was like "Okay, this might work." So I did my ends, and it was a dry formula, so I should have known this was going to be a struggle but I persevered. I left the bleach on my ends for the 30 minutes (with warnings that I was ABSOLUTELY NOT TO GO OVER THAT) and then on my roots for the requisite 30 minutes with the warning THAT I COULD NOT GO OVER THAT! NO HEAT! NO DRYER NO PLASTIC CAP) Not going to lie, when I saw that my ends were not platinum, I got the roots and Mark helped me wrap my hair in saran wrap, covered it with a towel and used the blowdryer, but it was no use.I had banding, the color was not platinum and it was just a mess. I should have known the formula wasn't strong enough when I felt no tingle on my scalp. I still in fact, was trying to go from a Level 2 fine, straight non heat treated virgin hair to a Level 10 which, in retrospect, was an absolutely stupid idea. Did I mention this was a bad idea? I hadn't been to beauty school in 16 years, and I hated doing color back then. I really loved the esthetician coursework the most. 
There is no platinum here, just brassy badness.
After the "what color is this even, gaaaaaaah this is so freaking weird" shock, and the bleaching the holy **** out of my lovely tresses that I should not have abused, because they were soft and shiny... my hair felt like straw. Awful to the awful. There were tears, there was cursing. I had a treatment called the Briogeo Don't Depair, Repair hair mask and I used it after destroying my cuticle and my hair was SLEEK, shiny and totally back to my original texture.

(My colorist/stylist/awesome savior of the tresses, Tia even complimented me on how my hair didn't feel or look wrecked and it worked well with my stylist re chemically treating my hair) It does not feel dry, it does not snap when I brush it, it's just like I never did a thing.

So after a night of sleeping off my foolishness, I booked an appointment online to the Salon. I showed up at 10 am, I was greeted by 2 kind women . Once at the when I came in and another back in the salon, who helped me find the manager (I get confused easily when standing) and prestige cosmetics manager (I believe it's Hillary) helped me from there. I was in tears over my own error in attempting to do my own color at home. She comforted me and offered me water and even a donut! Unfortunately, with the online booking system had an issue... but she was determined to make it work. She made a few calls, and Tia came in early to help me. I had seen her previously and I was excited that she was going to be able to fix my hair.

Secret Agent Woman undercover blonde
Ulta on Marketplace and First in Cedar Rapids, IA Store 221. So going in, I was there with my walker, a huge hat and sunglasses because I had done a such a terrible awful thing to my hair.

Oh the banding such banding!! 
Figuring out how to fix the top.. went darker, totally. 
My before peekaboo galactic blue 
There is NO DOUBT that Tia is an amazing alchemist, colorist, and stylist. She knew exactly what to offer for my skin tone and also helped me add a little joy to my life by mixing up some neon blue, vibrant blue and I believe another color to help them as a gradient to put as a peekaboo underneath. She offered me water, was very accommodating with my mobility needs and explained the entire processes as she was going along.

She even shaped my current hairstyle to have my bangs frame my face, perfectly. She was professional AND warm. I don't know how you would do this, but I think that promoting her abilities with Pravana would do wonders for that Ulta. They really ought to think about an actual promotion, she was double slinging gorgeous colors. It was like magic.



After my hair service was done (and holy cow, that was a lot shorter than I thought it would be) she invited me to rest and drink more water and talked with me about cosmetics, lipstick formations, highlights (for face) and eyeshadow palettes. She also helped me to decide between 2 gorgeous palettes. And so after talking with her and Anna I swatched them both.

Anna from the Dermalogica helped me when I was talking to her about skincare. I am on medications that make me photosensitive and I naturally have rosacea. She showed me a cooling mist that reduced my redness, and absolutely knew her stuff. She knew that I wasn't going to be able to handle microdermabrasion and believe me, that's rare for skin care professionals to know. I've gotten horrible advice and facials in the past for my skin. She showed me the products and explained the active ingredients to me, and I WILL be booking a facial with her soon.

I asked Anna about the Urban Decay Class that was coming up on the 29th, and she answered me then sent the prestige manager back over to me to explain it all to me. While I am still on the fence, I DID go over to the Urban Decay section to see if there is 80 dollars worth of UD product that I want, and it's on my daughter's birthday, so I am not sure it'd be fair to do it without her, and she's going to be driving that day to STL, so there's no way she'd make it with me. But I am still considering it. (grins)

Laura over in Bare Minerals was an absolute gem! I had gone over to the cosmetics section as I was resting and waiting for my vasopressors to kick in (I needed to take another round of meds, considering how long I had been there) and I was swatching the tarte Grav3yard girl palette and Tia's suggestion for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette and was telling me how well they worked for me. She was very knowledgeable about the formation even though it wasn't her line.

And last but not least, was the very helpful Amy (I believe), who had helped me throughout the day with little questions that I had, and was very kind and patient with me while I fumbled through my credit cards trying to remember how to use the card readers (confusion upon standing, and loss of coordination with the blood flow reducing in my brain).

I was helped, I felt empowered and in a safe place for my beauty needs. This store is INCREDIBLE and did not treat me poorly due to my issues. I spent HOURS in the store and salon and I felt nothing but warmth, concern, and courtesy, Hillary was even worried that I hadn't eaten when I was checking out, I went and got food afterward because of her reminder. This store should be lauded.
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Thursday, April 14, 2016

I'll admit, I had a hard time getting on the OCC Lip tar bandwagon. The name alone made me think negatively and i had an impression it would be sticky on the lips.

I was wrong. It goes on smooth and has a satin finish, you can sheer it to make it appear more matte, or leave a little more of a layer and it's a little more glossy.

I'd say the color Strumpet is a True Red, though when I look at it on my skin, it does look a little shifted to the blue, but not much.

For longevity on lips. It's not kiss proof but it is very long wearing. I'd say about 6 hours, depending on what you've been eating. I also had a bit of struggle getting this off with make remover, so I suggest using an oil based remover to get it off without overly irritating your delicate lips.

I was also put off a bit by the cost, however, this is incredibly concentrated! The tiniest bit goes on for miles. That dot is no larger than the head of a straight pin. 1 inch wide by 1 1/2 inches long. And the strumpet color is just stunning. It's a satin finish with high opacity.

Color me impressed! Get your own, here.
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I got an absolutely amazing box this month! I love it when @riflepaperco team up. I've never been a fan of floral prints until this collaboration, plus there is a 20% discount for the company in box.

(Malin + Goetz) included a grapefruit face cleanser. Citrus makes me a bit nervous with my skin being so cranky and it making it easier to burn, but it's not like I am outside too terribly often and i use SPF in EVERYTHING,  AND they included a sample of their vitamin E and hyaluronic acid to try along with it. I loves me some hyaluronic acid. It makes your skin feel all soft and fine lines just smooth away!

Also included is Briogeo "Don't despair, Repair!" Deep hair conditioning mask. I have used this before but this trial size is quite nice, so I'll be able to judge it more accurately. I don't use chemical processing on my hair, nor do I swim or go outside without a SPH spray, and I rarely use hot tools on my hair, so it may just be trying to help others get my hair. ;)

Marcelle cosmetics 3 in 1 Micellar water is an recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association. It's also paraben, perfume, oil and alcohol free, and claims to be non comedogenic and hypo-allergenic. So I'll trying that very soon.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics included a test tube in Strumpet, which is a lovely deep berry color. that I will be posting soon!

A WEI provided a golden root purifying mud mask. I just got a few masks from Ipsy so I'll be using that in a few weeks. It supposedly does not harden, which is important for my sensitive skin

Get yours here! :)
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On face: Tarte Colored Clay Foundcealer 2-in-1 in Fair 

E.L.F Total Face Palette I used the Rose blush and the Highlighter and Contour color and I used a bit of Unleashed in the RainForest after Dark to try to tone down the highlighter just a bit.

Lips: NudeStix Lip + Cheek in Mystic 

On Brows: E.L.F. Eyebrow kit in medium 

On Eyes: Milani Eyeshadow Primer

tarte Rainforest After Dark
Up to no Gold and make a mauve on lids 
Tan-gled up in you for the crease 
And Don't turn a brown in the lash line

Julep Fluid Eye Glider in jet black.

Benefit 'They're Real' Tinted Primer

Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara

And I used E.L.F. High Definition Powder in Sheer to set with.

I used a paddle set of brushes on this as previously discussed in the last post

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I found a set of brushes on eBay that are the most unique brushes I have ever seen, hands down. I photographed them on my Letter sized Martha Stewart disc bound MAMBI Frankenplanner. They are intimidating! But they are super soft and extremely dense. I found them by searching Paddle and toothbrush style makeup brushes. Like this listing :)

I did an experiment and this is my result
Holy Highlighter! :) 

Application with new paddle type brushes. I am going to lay off the highlighter with this brush type! But it is a much more precise way to apply makeup, but it's diffused and blended very easily. I need far less product for a superior finish.

I find that there is a learning curve, but once you get it, you can really work in. I didn't use color correcting with this look, the brushes just applied the Foundcealer differently. The product stays on top of the brush, rather than soaking the fibers.

The Larger liner brush made shading in my crease as simple as a light movement,and I was able to really get in the crease.  I was able to really get into my waterline with the smaller brush and make my lashes look thicker,

The whole thing was both precise and softly diffused at the same time. I can blend and apply pigment, simultaneously. 

I highly suggest this brush set, but be warned, there is a learning curve... but after you get it.. you will hesitate to use any other brushes. 
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Below, on the left, before, after cleansing with Micellar Water, on the right... I am using it. the mask application. wink emoticon I love these sheet masks !

Top: After the Pur~lisse Blue Lotus + White Tea Sheet |Mask

And upon further inspection, this whole line is SPECIFICALLY for rosacea! And you can see the difference in literally 20 minutes. LOVE this mask. It's going on the buy list. It's a must have for me.

Get your Blue Lotus + White Tea mask here! :)  and I will be using the other mask in a week Blue Lotus and Seaweed Mask, here!
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I absolutely love my ipsy bag for this month!

First, the bag. It's so beautiful. It's made of a durable cotton canvas type material, and the color reminds me of a sunset dyed silk scarf I had years ago. It's totally going into my bag, without a doubt.

But what's inside is amazing:

First, an amazing from pur~lisse. It's part of their 'prevent' Blue Lotus + White Tea line. I have an eye cream in the blue lotus formula as well. I have only had it for an hour and I am already planning a facial night. And 2 are included!

Second, Nudestix cheek and lip pencil in Mystic. It's absolutely stunning. It's a rum raisin color in my opinion and that was my go to lipcolor in the late 90s. I am glad to see it coming back.

Third is a L.A.B.2 Live and Breath beauty (if I am not mistaken) offers a synthetic blending brush, and it's soft and domed. It will work well for blending out cream eyeshadows.

Fourth is the Benefit "They're Real" Tinted lash Primer. My other primers are clear or white, so this one will be fun to test. I wanted to get the Roller Lash but I haven't gotten around to it.

And last is a Probelle purple nail lacquer in "In or Out" which is totally a cat thing, I know it.

Get your own ipsy bag here!

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Friday, April 1, 2016

It's an absolutely gorgeous highlighter BUT it's a total multitasker! I use it on my cheekbones, my cupids bow, and my nose and chin. It really shines (pun intended) as adding a light reflection and brightening your face up. It seems to work with many skin tones, from the palest to the deepest.

I also use it as an eye brightener and a shimmer base for fun eyeshadow looks. It is also highlighted in theBalm's best of series "In theBalm of Your Hand Vol. 1"

There are 2 other colors in the series, and this one works best on pale-light skin. Get yours here! 

Oh and there is currently a 15% off coupon for newbies to the Luxury section of Amazon!

How to Redeem:

For a limited time, new customers can receive 15% off their first purchase in Luxury Beauty.
Enter the promo code LUXBEAUTY at checkout to see savings.
The offer only applies to items shipped and sold by One redemption per customer


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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I am rather fond of this foundation. I use a color corrector underneath it and it doesn't change the consistency of the product. I find this works well in the winter months, when my cheeks are a bit more 'slapped' looking than the serum. it's more coverage than the serum and gives more a matte finish. It's not heavy coverage, but more 'my face but better'.
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A redundant name, but a FABULOUS mascara. First, the formula. A bit wet at the very beginning. I find that normally that makes mascaras clump a bit more and I find that I have to separate the lashes but this brush somehow makes that unneeded, and it gets a bit drier after opened for a couple of days,. The wand works well, providing length and volume depending on how you use it and it gets the thinner lashes at the inner part of your lid, near the duct AND get the long wispy lashes on the end at the same time. This picture isn't the best, I haven't figured out face photography, yet. Working on it. But if you love this mascara, it's not cheap at 23 bucks a tube. But I've bought it twice, so I think it's worth it. Get yours here! :)
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I believe that I have written that I have rosacea in nearly every single review I have ever done. That said, it's important in this instance.
I am very very fair, I have neutral undertones but very reddened cheeks so it's difficult for the Sephora staff to match me. This is not their fault, I am just complicated. I find that this formula in Fair Sand is perfection for me. I do not need to use a color corrector underneath and it blends well into my skin where I do not have any redness.
I was a regional burning man festival all weekend in the autumn, this foundation lasted well into the night. (With the help of a little primer, a bit of setting powder and setting spray, of course). My skin didn't turn into an oil slick or dry out like the Mojave desert. It just works well. Get yours here :)
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I love every single color in this palette. It's an almost all in one. The only thing I need to add is a foundation, mascara and setting powder. The colors are versatile, and the bronzer works great on my pale countenance. The red is a true red and extremely flattering, and the creams are separated from the powders with a very clever separate flap box design. It fits in my purse with no problem and closes and fits in a sleeve so there's no risk of powder explosion. It's a total 'go to' palette which can take you from 9-5 to coffee with friends, to dinner out with a loved one without having to go home and 'put your face on'. I file this under "Cream of The Crop".  <3  Get yours here :)
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I love my Naked 2 palette, and I really loved the Marsala color found at Sephora a few years back. So imagine my sadness when the specialty pallette that I wanted from Pantone sold out before I could snap it up! I kept calling my local Sephora and I never managed to catch it in stock.  Thankfully, this gave me those colors in matte and shimmer, plus dupes for my Naked 2 pallete at more than 50% off the price of the Urban Decay Version and is ALWAYS IN STOCK!! Great cost for great shadows. I use a primer to make the colors pop and last all day.  Get yours here! :)
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This is a pretty terrific lengthening mascara. The brush isn't exactly innovative the the formula is very lasting, and HAS to be removed with a makeup remover. It keeps a curled lash curled and it's easy to add volume if you START at the ends and work your way to the base of the last. 
I'd keep a lash brush handy just in case you get too much formula on at a time.
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