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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tools: Paddle/Toothbrush style makeup brushes

I found a set of brushes on eBay that are the most unique brushes I have ever seen, hands down. I photographed them on my Letter sized Martha Stewart disc bound MAMBI Frankenplanner. They are intimidating! But they are super soft and extremely dense. I found them by searching Paddle and toothbrush style makeup brushes. Like this listing :)

I did an experiment and this is my result
Holy Highlighter! :) 

Application with new paddle type brushes. I am going to lay off the highlighter with this brush type! But it is a much more precise way to apply makeup, but it's diffused and blended very easily. I need far less product for a superior finish.

I find that there is a learning curve, but once you get it, you can really work in. I didn't use color correcting with this look, the brushes just applied the Foundcealer differently. The product stays on top of the brush, rather than soaking the fibers.

The Larger liner brush made shading in my crease as simple as a light movement,and I was able to really get in the crease.  I was able to really get into my waterline with the smaller brush and make my lashes look thicker,

The whole thing was both precise and softly diffused at the same time. I can blend and apply pigment, simultaneously. 

I highly suggest this brush set, but be warned, there is a learning curve... but after you get it.. you will hesitate to use any other brushes. 

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