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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mascara: Stila HUGE extreme Lash Mascara

A redundant name, but a FABULOUS mascara. First, the formula. A bit wet at the very beginning. I find that normally that makes mascaras clump a bit more and I find that I have to separate the lashes but this brush somehow makes that unneeded, and it gets a bit drier after opened for a couple of days,. The wand works well, providing length and volume depending on how you use it and it gets the thinner lashes at the inner part of your lid, near the duct AND get the long wispy lashes on the end at the same time. This picture isn't the best, I haven't figured out face photography, yet. Working on it. But if you love this mascara, it's not cheap at 23 bucks a tube. But I've bought it twice, so I think it's worth it. Get yours here! :)

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