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About Me

I am a disabled makeup artist, lifestyle and beauty consultant. One of my goals is to help society reexamine current beauty standards, traditional beauty, while raising disability awareness and increasing access for transgender men and women transition more seamlessly. I love helping people realize their own beauty that radiates from within and helping them express that outwardly in the manner of their choosing.

But on a deeper level, I am the one discussing subatomic particles, the lifestyle of a Sune worshiping Paladin, the shared experience of the color blue using large words while making a "Your mom" joke.I am the one that keeps looking at her shoes, and re-applying her lipstick. The one fidgeting with her hat and the hem of your garment.

I am a dreamer and a thinker. Myers-Briggs has decided I am either ENFP or INFP, depending on the day. I am capable of extroversion but I prefer intimacy to chaos. I am me, and I like that.

I have worn many hats: Insurance Agent, Computer Science Major (no, I can't program. Hence, former major), National Guardsman, Open Source Advocate, Photographer, Digital and Makeup Artist, Doula, and Personal Assistant. I have a knack for falling into creative and interesting professions. There isn't enough time in the day to do all the things I want to accomplish but I am having a hell of a great time trying. Another proud title I wear is "Mom" to 4 kids ranging in age from High School to Kindergarten. We homeschool with an emphasis on science, art, and fun.

Since the advent of the internet, I have been able to translate my love of makeup, my art background, computer background and my love of virtual worlds into an interesting endeavor. I spend my days making cosmetics for Second Life. One screen is always open to Photoshop and as of late, helping people in their transition periods. 

I am just giving my opinion here, and if it sits well with you, I hope you enjoy it! 

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