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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Beauty Bundle from E.L.F January 2014

I got my Beauty Bundle from E.L.F and holy crap am I amazed at all the things I received! It is a complete load of awesome.
Whole Lot of ELF love that I am feeling

I got 
1 Zit Zapper ($1)
1 Pout Perfector ($3)
1 Contour Studio brush ($3)
1 Pressed Mineral Blush in Wanderlust ($5)
1 Matte Lip Color in Natural (this is a duplicate what I already own but it's a gorgeous color) ($3)
1 White Eye Widener Pencil ($1)
1 Mineral Lip tint in Rose ($3) (god, totally amazing to wear. It's like a luscious butter on your lips)
1 Mineral Eyeliner in Black ($3)
1 Nude Nail Polish ($2)
1 Mineral Eye Brightener in Buff ($3)
1 Retractable Kabuki Brush (This is so soft, it's amazing) (not available for individual sale but I estimate it's roughly worth $6
And the pièce_de_résistance.... 1 Brush Apron! ($15)

I am completely shocked at how it fit ALL of my brushes. Also kinda freaked me out that i have 56 brushes and yet I am still compelled to buy more. It could fit my 4 travel brushes without even breaking a sweat.

So I got $48 USD worth of E.L.F products for $19.95 plus shipping. Most were of the higher end lines like the Studio line and the Mineral line and I would have purchased ALL of these and do not mind getting backups of what I already had. I am hooked on this plan and it's not every month, it's every other month and that's a bummer, but I'll live through it. ;)

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