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Sunday, February 15, 2015

So, yeah, these DIY meal services- Plated

So I am trying out some of the various food service/prep delivery service. Since Mark is working so much during the day and I can't really be on my own while shopping, we've had to get creative with meal planning.

Okay, both Green Chef and Plated are both PHENOMENAL services. But I am just going to talk about Plated now. We haven't had a bad meal yet and it's expanding our culinary expertise. Instead of just eating in a restaurant, we are learning how to make gourmet for less than a trip to Applebee's and 10 times more delicious. Plated includes amounts rather than just the instructions. We add them to our kitchen recipe binder so we can reproduce it time and again. 

The first meal from Plated we opened was the Vietnamese Caramel Fish. To be frank, I am not the biggest fish fan and I loved this meal. The sauce and marinade was divine, and the flavor melded together beautifully. The bok choy and vermicelli gave it a delightful texture. It will be a repeat.

I'll let Mark take it from here: 

"You pan-sear the fish for a bit and that makes up for the non-breaded issue. I used a couple splashes of rice wine for extra caramelization. Then with the red pepper & ginger sauce, along with the lime juice, made for a really good flavor combination. All I know is I now have a way to make tilapia taste pretty damn good."

 Me again! <3 I think you'll love it, if you really love food. There are veggie, land and sea options, and you can select your menus when you want them. And with the first few meals paid for, it's a pretty safe thing to see if it's up your alley. I like the ability to personalize them and skip weeks if I so choose. I can click and pay and they'll send it out the next shipping date.

Here's a link to some meals free with the purchase of 2 of them, I think. It might be something else, but it's still a great deal to try it out.

Plated Meal Delivery Service up $30 dollars off referral link

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