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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Moisturise me... *spray, spray*

I am seeing a big NOPE in off the cuff skin care from sales representatives. It pains me when they suggest using a physical or chemical exfoliating products more than 3 times a week. You have to let the skin heal before you can take more of the top layer of dead cells off. I am seeing a lot of people who are suffering from chemical and irritant dermatitis from over exfoliation and thinking it's an acne break out.MEEP! 

Your skin needs nourishment, not just stripping all the oils away and calling it a day. It also needs moisture added after cleansing. Yes, even if you have oily or combination skin.  I use a gel moisturizer and/or a hyaluronic serum when my skin is being temperamental like that, especially in the summer.
But the summer has past and we are inside with the central heating on and my skin is complaining that's dehydrated. It feels tight on my face and I am getting chapped lips. I am upping my water intake and going into skin care offensive. I brought out the 1-2-3-4 punch! 

Tonight I am wearing a Freeman Mask in Honey-Dew and Chamomile. It's a sleeping mask (worn overnight) and my dehydrated skin has already soaked up quite a bit of it!

Facial Cleansing Routine for 12/17
Sei Bella Moisturing Foaming cleanser

Boots Botanics Brightening Toner (the AHA makes it exfoliant!)

Timeless Hyaluronic Acid 

Sei Bella DayTime Delivery Lotion (Broad spectrum SPH 15)

tarte Maracuja C- Brightener Eye treatment 

And the aforementioned mask

My skin feels better already!

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