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Friday, July 19, 2013

Mock Goth Spring Look

I was attempting light spring look, using golds and light purples... but you know... you can take the Mock out of the goth clothes, but you can't take the goth out of the Mock...

Lips: I layered the fig gloss from Juice Beauty over a purple brown lip color I depotted and forgot to label.

Base: I used Skin79 BB cream mixed with some Primer from Rimmel and a bit of Bourjois Healthy mix foundation and applied it with my hands, buffing afterwards with a blending sponge.

Eyes :I used the Neutral 28 color kit from ebay, and a bronze that I hand pressed from pigments I hand mixed.

Liner: I used a mixing medium for the eyeliner (from a black eyeshadow in the neutrals palette). I used a bit of primer for my lashes mixed with black eyeshadow because my mascara is missing! (que horror!)

Blush: 10 color blush kit in 4th over (orange corally satin finish). I applied it using a flat top bronzer brush and then I used a bit of Peach Girl BB cream to add shimmer and soften the edges a bit. I used a shimmer shadow from the NYX Nude palette as a highlighter on my cheeks.

Powder is a combination of the Mirabella Perfecting Powder on my cheeks, and on my T zone- ELF HD Powder and NYX Loose powder mixed together to create a shade close to my skin tone.

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