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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mock Vanity: AKA where all my makeup lives!

I keep reading where people are applying makeup in their bathrooms, toting their makeup around in a case.

A vanity doesn't have to be a big deal. It can even double as a writing desk or even taken down, but a place to sit elegantly, a place to rest your elbow while using it as a fulcrum while doing your eyeliner, a well lit area (all you need is a single full spectrum bulb, and a place that you can be calm and relax.

I think it's a right of passage for every teenager to get their own little space to do their beauty routine, that isn't the same place they defecate. My vanity before this was a desk we picked up from the side of the road because some college students were moving and left it on the curb. It's been repurposed into a work table for an indoor metal shop.

The reason the bathroom is bad is because the humidity and bacteria can actually ruin your makeup and cause your mascara and other 'moist' products go bad before their time. It's better to do it near a window or with a full spectrum bulb. You can get a vanity set up for free from stuff around the house. :)

It really doesn't have to be fancy. It just needs to be YOURS. Here is mine. It was made by getting a bookshelf and not using it for books. This one used to have a hinged door on it but apparently it wasn't very strong, because it fell off.

There is a place for everything I need and it's in modular form so I just pull out the basket I need and put it on the top of the vanity when I use it. It makes it easier to put things away.

I made the dirty brush holder out of rice, a plastic cup and food coloring. It works great. When it gets full, I wash them. and it makes it so brushes don't roll off and get caught under foot. I accidentally ran over a few of my Real Technique brushes and ruined them. Total facepalm.

My mock vanity, filming and makeup storage area
And I didn't mark it on the picture but my cell phone tripod is up there,(by the foundations, near the mirrors) so I can see myself while doing reviews. It's all coming together pretty nicely. My husband also set up a brown backdrop from the ceiling at my request to cordon it off a bit more for me so I can get into doing my makeup more without being distracting to either of us. His office is also in the bedroom so it gets triple duty now.

Has this sparked an idea for you? Let me know in the comments below! I'll be doing a video of it some time, so it's a bit more interactive.

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